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Covid-19 Statement     (updated 9th November 2020) 

From everyone at the Alliance Automotive Group, we wish you and your families well.  


Over recent weeks and months the Government has taken some dramatic steps to limit the spread of COVID-19.  

The Alliance Automotive Group network is committed to following Government guidelines in the workplace, to ensure the safety of all our customers and colleagues across our network. In recent weeks, we have seen the easing of restrictions and updated guidelines for working safely. 

The Government have specified 5 steps to working safely which are:   

  1. Carry out a COVID-19 risk assessment.   
  2. Develop cleaning, handwashing, and hygiene procedures.   
  3. Help people to work from home.   
  4. Maintain 2m social distancing, where possible.   
  5. Where people cannot be 2m apart, manage transmission risk. 

To find out more from the government guidelines, please click here: 

We are continually monitoring and implementing the ongoing changes to the Government’s guidelines.  AAG UK have implemented the below procedures into all Warehouses, Offices, Shops and Vehicles. These include but are not limited to:  

  • Social distancing staying 2 metres away from any other person.  
  • Washing hands more often and for at least 20 seconds.  
  • Regular schedule of cleaning and disinfecting vans, including steering wheels and door handles etc. 
  • The full name of the person accepting the delivery will be accepted as proof of delivery.  
  • All our drivers will be wearing gloves when handing over any goods to our customers.  
  • Homeworking in place where possible for our administration teams  
  • Awareness notices and posters on Social Distancing and COVID-19 symptomsposters are displayed in all sites.  
  • All offices and desks have been assessed to ensure the 2m rule is in place, with desks which are to be used highlighted.   
  • All retail and reception areas have been fitted with transparent sneeze screens.   
  • All mandatory COVID-19 risk assessments have been completed for all locations.    
  • In all work environments (Warehouses, Offices, Retail areas and in Vehicles), the relevant PPE is available, as required.   
  • Sanitising stations are in use in all offices and branches throughout the network. 

Service & Support  

All contact numbers and email addresses remain in place and our teams are on hand to provide you with continued support and service.

If you would like any further details, please contact the customer service team on [email protected]

All of our teams across the UK are continuing to work to support all of our customers and colleagues. 

We will continue to do all we can throughout these uncertain times and beyond. Together, we will keep the country mobile! 

To find out more information, regarding Government support, please click here.